Capability Statements

If you’re looking for the ultimate in precision and quality for your metal components, look no further than APEX ETG’s laser cladding services! Our capability statements offer an in-depth look at how our state-of-the-art technology and expertise can help you achieve the performance and durability you need. Laser cladding offers a host of benefits over traditional manufacturing methods, including increased wear resistance, improved corrosion protection, and enhanced dimensional accuracy. Our statements cover all the key details, from the basics of laser cladding to the specific applications and materials we work with. Whether you’re in mining, oil and gas, or any other industry where high-performance metal components are critical, APEX ETG’s laser cladding services can take your parts to the next level. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover how we can help you achieve your goals – read our capability statements today!

APEX ETG’s Capability Statement

APEX ETG’s Surface Solutions for the Australian Mining Industry

APEX ETG is actively working with mining equipment OEMs to research, develop, test and analyse real-world innovations in the field. Advanced and sustainable laser cladding hard-facing processes improve onsite extraction efficiencies by reducing weight with a streamlined design with fewer moving parts, reducing consumption of fuel, and increasing payload capacity.

Many innovations used in combination, roll up to real-world change for a sustainable future! Take the next step in your sustainability journey by contacting us today!


APEX ETG’s Surface Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Discover how APEX ETG’s transformative laser cladding technology is revolutionizing the oil and gas industry. Our holistic approach, spanning preparation, laser cladding, finishing, and laboratory testing, offers a powerful solution to the wear and corrosion challenges that plague the sector. Dive into our capability statement to uncover how our cutting-edge techniques not only enhance equipment durability but also reduce downtime and maintenance costs. Explore real-world applications across the entire oil and gas spectrum, from upstream drilling tools to midstream pipelines and downstream refinery components. APEX ETG is your trusted partner for extending equipment lifespan and reliability, ensuring seamless and safe operations. Don’t miss out – read our capability statement now to unlock the future of oil and gas excellence.


APEX ETG’s Surface Solutions for the Australian Drilling Industry

APEX ETG’s laser cladding services offer a range of benefits for drilling equipment, including improved wear resistance, longer service life, improved surface finish, reduced friction, repair of damaged drilling parts, and reduced need for expensive replacements. Common causes of wear on drilling parts include abrasive materials, high temperature, high pressure, and repeated use. Laser cladding can benefit various components used in drilling operations, such as auger flights, teeth, blades, core barrels, rods, bits, drill collars, stabilisers, reamers, samplers, tubes, and tube liners.


APEX ETG’s Surface Solutions for the Australian Crushing and Screening Industry

APEX ETG’s laser cladding services enhance the wear resistance, durability, and performance of crushing and screening parts, which are often subjected to abrasion, impact, and corrosion. Our laser cladding can increase the service life of specific parts, such as crusher jaws, cones, hammers, blow bars, screening media, and wear plates, by adding a layer of wear-resistant material to the surface. This process provides features such as corrosion resistance, hardness, and toughness, resulting in reduced downtime for maintenance and replacement and improved productivity. Overall, APEX ETG’s laser cladding services are reliable for optimising crushing and screening equipment performance.


APEX ETG’s Surface Solutions for the Australian Pump Industry

APEX ETG’s laser cladding services optimise pump components with benefits like improved wear resistance, precise coating control, enhanced surface properties, reduced downtime, and cost savings. By adding a superior layer of material, the components last longer, require fewer replacements, and enhance performance. APEX ETG restores dimensions for various pump parts, including impellers, shafts, bearing housing, and seals. This efficient process minimises downtime and costs, resulting in improved pump performance, reduced expenses, and increased lifespan.


APEX ETG’s Surface Solutions for Hydraulics

APEX ETG’s laser cladding services effectively address the concerns of hydraulics experts by offering wear and corrosion resistance, precise customisation, material compatibility, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced system reliability. With its remarkable capabilities, laser cladding empowers experts to optimise hydraulic system performance, extend component lifespan, and ensure efficient and reliable operation.


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