Revitalize your drilling equipment with APEX ETG’s laser cladding! Our innovative technology expertly restores dimensions, enhances wear resistance, and boosts strength and corrosion resistance. Not only does this extend the lifespan and performance of your drilling parts, but it also minimizes downtime, reduces maintenance, and lowers replacement costs. Don’t settle for mediocre equipment – upgrade to laser cladding for unparalleled performance and reliability!

Elevate your drilling expertise with APEX ETG’s cutting-edge laser cladding services. Stay ahead of the competition, maximise performance, and optimise your bottom line. Contact us today to explore how our solutions can revolutionise your drilling operations.

Benefits of APEX ETG’s laser cladding services!

Unparalleled Wear Resistance: Our laser cladding solutions redefine durability, enhancing the wear resistance of drilling components to withstand the harshest drilling conditions. Experience extended component lifespan and minimise costly replacements.

Superior Corrosion Protection: Our advanced laser cladding process creates a formidable defence against corrosion for your drilling components. Combat the corrosive challenges of drilling fluids and harsh environments while maintaining peak performance.

Tailored Material Properties: Gain complete control over material properties with APEX ETG’s laser cladding expertise. We customise hardness, strength, and thermal conductivity to match your drilling demands precisely. Unlock unparalleled performance and efficiency.

Streamlined Repairs: Our laser cladding services are reliable and efficient for repairing worn or damaged drilling components. Minimise downtime, maximise productivity and optimise maintenance costs with our swift and precise repair capabilities.

Unleash Design Potential: Experience unprecedented design freedom with our precise laser cladding process. Craft intricate shapes and optimised geometries that enhance fluid flow, heat dissipation, and overall drilling performance. Let innovation thrive.

Cost-Effective and Sustainable: Longer lifespans result in fewer change-outs and reduced maintenance and downtime costs. Increased efficiencies reduce total overall costs as well as carbon footprint. Enhance your profitability while reducing your ecological footprint.


  • Drill bits and rods
  • Auger flights, blades, housings and shafts
  • Core barrels, stabilisers and lifter cases
  • Hammer bits
  • Subs and joints
  • Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters
  • Downhole tools

APEX ETG’s Surface Solutions for the Australian Drilling Industry

APEX ETG’s laser cladding services offer a range of benefits for drilling equipment, including improved wear resistance, longer service life, improved surface finish, reduced friction, repair of damaged drilling parts, and reduced need for expensive replacements. Common causes of wear on drilling parts include abrasive materials, high temperature, high pressure, and repeated use. Laser cladding can benefit various components used in drilling operations, such as auger flights, teeth, blades, core barrels, rods, bits, drill collars, stabilisers, reamers, samplers, tubes, and tube liners.


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